Arts Education Projects

“Out of the City” Summer Arts Camp

Started in 2009, “Out of the City” is a 5-day workshop that brings together a diverse group of new Canadian high school student populations to experience a week of arts immersion in a rural Ontario setting.

Working amongst an outdoor display of Zimbabwean stone sculpture of over thirty artists, each student is given a piece of volcanic rock from Zimbabwe that they will sculpt in the Zimbabwean sculpting tradition, working under the summer sky and using only hand tools. In addition to stone sculpting, students participate in an extended program of artistic mediums, all designed to foster communication and forge relationships between the students. Every year, we invite world class and veteran artists in their respective fields, focussing on an integrated Zimbabwean arts curriculum to deepen the students understanding of the cultural locations of art forms and the way in which those cultural meanings travel globally.

Each workshop is designed to foster self-expression, empowerment, and confidence through artistic skills-apprehension and collaborative learning models. Our core values are hard work, personal and interpersonal responsibility, community-based learning and introspection. To support this arts education initiative, I received seven years of funding from the Ontario Arts Council that allowed me to offer this programming at no cost to families and ensure accessibility to a truly diverse range of participants. Many of our participants have had few opportunities to experience Ontario landscapes outside of the GTA, to get “out of the city” in the summer as is a tradition for many Canadian families.

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